Are women safe in India?

On a lazy Sunday morning, I was reading a news paper while enjoying a cup of coffee made by my wife. As usual I started reading the news paper from last page as it covers the news about my favourite sports news. I am very much fond of cricket though I never play it.

As I was turning around the pages, my eyes caught the headline saying “brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl” with a colour pictures. This shocked me for a while but I came back to my state of mind after some time.

This news fuelled to my thoughts. I remembered a famous saying by Marylin Monroe (a famous American actress).

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’.

Yes. Once she is on the move, the men move, the family move, the village move, the nation moves.

I believe it’s correct. But the question is, are we on the right move? are girls getting right support, respect, safety? No. I don’t think so. I fear all the sayings are stays at books, google, essays and speeches.

Women in India are always subjected to the honour killings and they never given their basic rights for the proper education and freedom. They are the victims who have face violence and abuse in the male dominated country.

I partly agree that girls are safe due to law enforcements of present days. But it is not 100% true. Girls are supposed to be protected. They’re supposed to have a childhood spent stressing about playtime and about making up with their best friends over fights for each and every point. But in India, girls are really scared.

In India, to empower the women, first it needs to kill all the demons in the society such as dowry system, illiteracy, sexual harassment, inequality, female infanticide, rape, prostitution, illegal trafficking and other issues.

The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) most recent records, showcasing the rate of crime against children in India is increasing each and every year.

There are so many incidents we hear from social media about rape, molestation, sexual harrassment and illegal trafficking etc. But I doubt that 90% of incidents die down and may not reach public and no legal action on those. May be due to the culture we developed and the Indian mentality that if public comes to know about the incident then how we can show up to them and how we can live with them in the society. One who doesn’t care about these things are goes to media, public, police to get a justice and to get rid of this hasty culture. But the others who really afraid are keep silent or they may say bye bye to this society and to this world.

By seeing so many news of rapes, harrassment, molestation the real concern is, are the girls/women safe in India? are we moving in a right direction? When we can see girls/women are safe and treated equally?

I know, just by writing something here in the blog doesn’t change anything. But it’s my wish to read the news papers and wish to see the news where there will not be any single news on such incidents.

Fingers crossed and hope for best future.

Last but not the least, Is it happening only in India? Please let us know your views.

Note: The above is personal view of writer and doesn’t target any person, community.


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