Hadd hai yaar..!!

What is Hadd Hai Yaar?? Yes. You might be surprised with our blog name. Some of you may know what exactly is this and some of may not.

Actually it’s in Indian official language, Hindi. Hadd hai yaar is an expression and normally used when someone is very angry or in frustration or when making fun of someone’s behavior or used when someone crosses his limits. The literal translation of these three words is ‘its the limit my friend’.

But…as I said earlier, it’s not about literal meaning but it’s about the expressions based on the situations. It can be used for any feeling. The similar type of word I found in English is Fcuk. Here is a video of Osho using this word in variety of expressions.

Here you go with some of the hadd hai yaar….😀😀

Hadd hai yaar! How much time you take to get ready 🙏🙏

Hadd hai yaar! Who in the world loves someone up to this limit..😍😘

Hadd hai yaar! I can’t wait. We are getting late😡

Hadd hai yaar! No appreciation even after working hard😥😥

Hadd hai yaar! I can’t handle my boss any more😡😡

You can use anywhere to express your feeling that is of extreme limit.

So…it’s time to say hadd hai yaar…😀


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  1. बहुत अच्छा ! पहली बार मैं ने आपका टाइटल पढ़ा मैं ने मिस्राद “हड्डी है यार” और मैं नहीं समझा था | अभी मैं समझा | 🙂

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      1. ओ! मैं “उपयोग” जनता था लेकिन मैं “सहायक” पता नहीं | धन्यवाद नया शब्द के लिए |

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    1. आपकी कॉमेंट हिंदी में पढ के बहुत अच्छा लगा। एक विदेशी व्यक्ति से हिंदी और वो भी इतनी अच्छी। धन्यवाद।।

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