Tulsi – Holy Basil

In India you will find Tulsi plants in almost all hindu families’ homes. Tulsi is considered as sacred plant for many Indians and even some people worship it and place it in the entrance part of the home.

In Parts of gujarat, there is a festival called tulsi vivah..means marriage of Tulsi with god Krishn.

There are two varieties of Tulsi, The greener variety is called Ram Tulsi and the greenish black variety is called Krishn Tulsi.

As per Ayurved, Tulsi is a

“Queen of Herbs”

Tulsi is also used as home remedy for skin related issues, fever, sore throat, cold, coughing, etc.

Few people also use it in food preparation due to its strong flavour, specially for “adarakh-tulsi Vali chai” (ginger-tulsi tea).

Very tiny flower cum seeds on Tulsi

Tulsi Silhouette

Tulsi Leaves

Hope you like this post on Tulsi – Every Hindu grows in their home.

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