Remember to put the glass down

Remembering the old time, I have heard a small story which I am penning down here…

The professor entered in the class with a glass..

He filled the glass with some water in it…

Students thought that now the professor will definitely teach about the well known positivity lesson of glass is full or glass is empty…so everyone was ready with their logics and answers…

Professor asked the expected question: Tell me students..what is this?

Some said half full… some said half empty… One even said that the glass is full..half of water and half of air…


Professor was having something else in his mind…

He called one of the student and asked him to hold the glass up high… And then he was silent… Class was also silent…

Everyone was thinking what’s going on?

After few minutes student holding the glass asked professor about putting the glass down… Professor said yes and asked the student to sit at his place…

After a pause professor started…and asked the student…

Professor: Were you tired of holding the glass high?

Student: Yes

Professor: Whether weight of the glass was very high?

Student: No

Professor: Whether the water inside was the reason?

Student: No

Professor: Then what was the reason that your arm was paining?

After thinking for a sec…

Student: Because I was holding it high for long time.

Professor continue explaining it… If you have hold it for more time it may happen that your hand would become numb and still if you hold the glass high you may not feel your hand at all.

The problems in our life are similar to the glass…it doesn’t matter how heavy it is or what type it is…but if you hold it high for more than certain time then the pain will be much more than the actual problem.

If you put the glass down or in other words if you forget your problems when it’s over…the pain will be less.

So always remember to put the glass down…🍷

Be happy and spread happiness…


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